TypeScript starts from JavaScript and turns it into a safe language. You get gradual type checking, code completion, as well as static checking of the way your code hangs together. JavaScript never had the hard, protective shell that were used to in contemporary languages. TypeScript acts like a programming exoskeleton, giving you safety, expressive power, and precision on top of the original language.


This course teaches you the necessary basics to get going and becoming productive with TypeScript. It grounds itself in concrete code and practical examples. Much of the time will be spent on exercises, producing running code.

You will come away from the course with a clear sense of how TypeScript can help structure your everyday development. The tools in the course allow you to construct new code more quickly and maintain existing code more easily.

Visual Studio 2015 is used throughout the course, making use of its built-in TypeScript support.


People who feel familiar with JavaScript, and want to add the static type guarantees of TypeScript into their workflow.


A solid JavaScript knowledge, corresponding to the level of the *Modern JavaScript* course.

Carl Mäsak - instructor of the course

Carl has extensive experience in software development and software architecture, both in active use, blogging, and teaching. He uses a variety of programming languages daily. Carl has worked in the software industry for the last 15 years. His experience spans over a wide range of paradigms and platforms, and he has developed everything from custom web site design and bioinformatics toolkits to grammar engines and compilers. His specialty is to make systems coordinate and systematize large amounts of heterogeneous data - or, more casual, "bringing order out of chaos." He also likes to heal major systems that are in need of an architect.

Course outline:

    • Why TypeScript?
    • Classes
    • Interfaces
    • Typing and JavaScript
    • Structural and contextual typing
    • Enums
    • Generic types
    • Debugging
    • Refactoring to types: from JS to TS
    • Functions
    • A second look at OO
    • Modules
    • Testing
    • Deployment
    • CommonJS and AMD
    • TypeScript and the future

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