ReDoS in C, C# and Python webinar

Security needs a preventative mindset. Develop one and make secure coding a second nature!

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • About the cat and mouse game of software security
  • Brief introduction to Denial of Service attacks
  • What is Regular expression denial of service (ReDos) and how it can be triggered
  • The best practices and mitigation techniques against ReDos
  • How Cydrill courses can raise your paranoia to a healthy level and can contribute to your code hygiene


Developers, unit leaders, product owners



  • The STRIDE model of threats

What is Denial of Service?

  • Leveraging bugs to achieve DoS
  • Regular expressions and performance
  • Regular expression denial of service (ReDoS)
  • Demonstration – ReDos in C, C# and Python
  • Dealing with ReDoS

Cydrill secure coding courses



Erno has been a software developer for 35 years, half of which he has spent writing, and half breaking code. In the last ten years he is focused on teaching developers how not to code. More than 100 classes in 30 countries add to his track record all around the world.

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