Oracle Database 19c: New Features for Administrators

The course provides the Oracle Database 19c new features and enhancements related to database overall, security, availability, performance, data warehousing, and diagnosability.

  • Topics of the database overall module cover new features such as DBCA, OUI, and Data Pump enhancements.
  • Topics of the security module cover enhancements such as key management of encrypted Oracle-managed tablespaces in TDE, and Database Vault operations control.
  • Topics of the availability module cover enhancements in RMAN such as recovery catalog connection when the user is connected to the target database as PDB.
  • Topics of the performance module cover enhancements such as PDB-level ADDM analysis, Memoptimized Rowstore - Fast Ingest deferred writes and enabling SQL developers to use Real-Time SQL Monitor.
  • Topics of the data warehousing module cover enhancements such as hybrid partitioned tables and automated indexing.
  • Topics of the diagnosability module cover new features such as an end-to-end automated service for fault prediction, detection, and fixation to avoid or minimize the human intervention, and new service request data collections determining the data to collect for crucial errors.
  • Topics of the sharding module cover enhancements such as the support for multiple PDB-shards in the same CDB and of multiple table family for system-managed sharding.


This course is intended for experienced Oracle Database Administrators, System Administrators, Developers


Good knowledge of Oracle Database previous versions

Course topics

  • Using General Database Overall Enhancements
  • Using Security Enhancements
  • Using Availability Enhancements
  • Using Performance Enhancements
  • Using Big Data and Data Warehousing Enhancements
  • Using Diagnosability Enhancements
  • Sharding Enhancements

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