MS-200: Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform

Important! This course will be replaced by course MS-203

Course MS-200 and MS-201 has been retired and replaced by a new updated course from July 2020:

MS-203: Microsoft 365 Messaging 








In this 5 day course you will learn about the architecture of the modern messaging infrastructure with Exchange Server and Exchange Online and how to deploy messaging in different scenarios and organizations. You will learn how Microsoft Exchange Server provides access to user mailboxes for many different clients, and the traditional and modern solutions for messaging high availability and disaster recovery.

Course goals

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the Modern Messaging Architecture
  • Deploy and Manage a Modern Messaging Architecture
  • Create and Manage Exchange Recipients
  • Manage Email Addresses, Lists, and Resources
  • Plan for Mailbox Databases
  • Create and Manage Mailbox Databases
  • Manage Authentication for Messaging
  • Configure Organizational Settings and Organizational Sharing
  • Implement Client Access Services
  • Manage Client Devices
  • Configure Outlook on the Web
  • Troubleshoot Client Access
  • Configure Mobile Device Mailbox Policies
  • Manage Mobile Device Mailbox Policies
  • Configure Message Transport
  • Manage Transport Rules
  • Manage and Troubleshoot Mail Flow
  • Troubleshoot Transport Issues
  • Troubleshoot with Logs
  • Plan High Availability for Mailbox Servers, Client Access Service and Transport
  • Implement Site Resilience
  • Plan for Disaster Recovery
  • Implement Backup Strategies
  • Restore Mailboxes, Databases, and Servers
  • Plan the Public Folder Hierarchy
  • Implement and Manage Public Folders
  • Troubleshoot Public

Course content

This 5 day course contains these themes and modules:

Understanding the Modern Messaging Infrastructure

  • Managing Modern Messaging Infrastructure
  • Managing Recipient Objects and Resources
  • Managing Mailbox Databases
  • Managing Organizational Settings

Managing Client Access and Mail Flow

  • Managing Client Access 
  • Managing Mobile Devices
  • Managing the Transport Pipeline
  • Managing and Troubleshooting Mail Flow

Managing Messaging High Availability and Disaster Recovery

  • High Availability for Exchange Servers
  • Managing Disaster Recovery
  • Managing Public Folders


This course will help you prepare for exam MS-200.

Exam MS-200 (together with exam MS-201) leads to the new certification: Microsoft 365 Certified Messaging Administrator.

The exam fee is not included in the course price.
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