Mastering Office 365 SharePoint Online

Important notice!

This training has retired, and replaced by two other courses:

MS 55238: SharePoint Online for Administrators

MS-050: SharePoint Hybrid Deployment and Migration









With this 5-days instructor-led course you will learn how to plan, deploy and manage SharePoint in your O365 Solution. We will focus on all the different tasks you can face in the day to day SharePoint environment. The training will be case-based and the student will work through a couple of “real life” cases from planning to a live environment.


This course is for IT professionals, super users, administrators, technical project leaders and consultants wanting to learn how to develop and administer SharePoint Online from a "real world" experience.


Participants should have at least 1-year hands-on experience. You should have completed some basic SharePoint courses before attending this Masterclass, since we expect that you have common knowledge of a SharePoint Online environment. So you should have completed a course like the SharePoint week or something similar prior to attending this course.

Course content


  • The agenda and Introduction
  • Practical issues
  • The two “real life” cases that will be used during the training

Ready/Steady/Go: Planning and implementing an Office365/ SharePoint Online environment

  • Fast track: a 12-step-implementation


  • Identity management solutions and protection for Office365/Microsoft Cloud:
    • Cloud/dir.sync/federation
    • Roles
    • Authorization
    • Authentication
    • RMS
    • Audit
  • GDPR / Office 365
  • Using the Office 365 Security & Compliance Centre
  • Working with Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Speeding up user adoption

  • Use cases and scenarios
  • A 12-step user adoption plan
  • Check-lists and best practices

Customization and development (for non-developers

  • Modern / Classic experience
  • Managing Apps
  • Customizing the environment
    • Branding
    • PowerApps
    • Flow
  • Development – an overview for non-developers

Search in Office 365

  • The search architecture in SharePoint Online
  • Customizing the search experience

Information management

  • Information architecture and/or social networking
  • Metadata - planning, use and management
  • Different site templates with different use cases – how to implement an effective and efficient site structure
  • One Drive – end-users and management perspectives
  • Teams or Yammer or SharePoint sites or …
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Information at your fingertips – how to integrate external information in SharePoint online


  • The governance plan for a rock-solid solution
  • Monitoring the environment
    • Reports and monitoring tools
    • Visuals with PowerBI
  • Managing a SharePoint environment
    • PnP
    • Provisoning
  • SLA – best practice


  • AI tools for SharePoint online