Machine Learning in Python

In this course we will gain understanding of the main areas for machine learning in a combination of lectures, demonstrations and working through exercises where we build models in Python. You will learn how data scientists work when building machine learning solutions, and you will gain knowledge of some of the most used tools, libraries and algorithms.

After this course you will have an understanding of what can be achieved with machine learning and have practical experience of how machine learning algorithms are applied. In addition you will know the most important aspects of exploratory data analysis and machine learning model evaluation, and be able to apply a selection of basic models to develop your own machine learning solution using Python. In this course we will alternate between instructor led training and practical Python exercises.

Course objectives

  • Become familiar with practical application of machine learning in Python
  • Learn to use computer vision, neural language processing, regression and classification algorithms
  • Know how and why to perform exploratory data analysis using Python
  • Know how to carry out evaluation of different types of machine learning algorithms

Course outline

  • Introduction to Python, Python notebooks and machine learning libraries
  • Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Lab: EDA code exercise in Python• Modeling, regression and classification
  • Lab: Regression and feature engineering exercise in Python
  • Lab: Classification exercise in Python
  • Introduction to computer vision, convolutional neural networks and important use cases
  • Lab: Computer vision exercise in Python
  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP), word encoding, important models and use cases
  • Lab: NLP exercise in Python



  • IT professionals seeking practical knowledge of machine learning using Python
  • Anyone with a basic understanding of machine learning wanting to take the next step into practical application of machine learning algorithms with Python