Gerrit Administration

Clearvision's Gerrit Administration training course provides an understanding of using Gerrit and focuses on being able to configure and administer a Gerrit installation.


This course is aimed at individuals responsible for managing and administering Gerrit from the front end.


  • Access to laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Completion of the Clearvision Gerrit Essentials course (or equivalent)

Objectives & Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to be able to configure and administer a Gerrit installation. You will be able to manage users, groups and projects; configure permissions and access control; and gain a solid understanding of Gerrit’s branching concepts.

Course outline:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to Gerrit
  • Gerrit requirements


  • Verify the training environment
  • Access Gerrit
  • Check for permissions


Module 2: Entities and Concepts

  • Projects
  • People
  • Groups


  • Log in to Gerrit
  • Viewing Projects
  • Viewing Groups


Module 3: 'Gerrit Projects

  • Projects introduction
  • Project access
  • Parent projects and the default permissions


  • Create a new project
  • Configure basic project options


Module 4: Gerrit projects Branches

  • Branching concepts
  • Branch Management
  • Special Gerrit refs
  • Branch policies
  • Branch Strategies


  • Create a new project branch
  • Clone your project
  • Verify your changes


Module 5: Users and Groups

  • Authentication Methods
  • Groups introductions
  • Standard groups
  • Group ownership
  • Adding users to groups
  • Groups in access control


  • Identify groups
  • Modify groups
  • Add users to groups
  • Remove users from groups


Module 6: Access Controll:

  • Group ownership
  • Git refs
  • Protecting Branches
  • Code review permissions
  • Allowing verification
  • Parent Projects
  • Tag control
  • Submission permissions
  • Configuring new access control rules


  • Identify project permissions
  • Add new permissions
  • Investigate each available access permission


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