Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions, exam 70-475

In this course you will learn how to design and implement Big Data Analytic solutions with Microsoft Azure Platform. This course will help you prepare for Microsoft exam 70-475. You will learn capabilities of Azure Data Storage, Analytics and Intelligence platform. You will gain hands on lab real life experience which will allow you easily to start new or move existing big data analytics solutions into the Azure cloud environment.

We will start with overview of Microsoft Azure Platform solution and Lambda Architecture. You will learn how different components of Azure architecture fit into lambda model. 

Right after that you will start working with different data source types and you will learn how to import and process them. Next, we will focus on Azure Data Storage options and how to choose appropriate solution for your workload. 


Data scientists, data analyst, data professionals, cloud specialists and IT professionals dealing with Big Data and machine learning solutions. 


To attend this training you should have basic knowledge about Azure platform, Big Data solutions, machine learning algorithms, data processing and querying. 

Course outline:

Then you will learn about Hadoop Ecosystem and different components that can be integrated together to provide complex data analytic solution. 

After this we will focus on data processing and querying including MapReduce paradigm with Apache Tez and Spar solutions. We will continue analysis with real time analysis by introducing different frameworks and solutions specially crafted for different approaches and workloads you will met in real life. We will focus especially on Azure Streams and Event hubs. You will learn also how to use Apache Storm and what are the main differences compared to Spark. 

Next we move to very important module about machine learning and intelligence. You will learn how to prepare and run experiments in Azure ML Studio. We will use different algorithms for predictive analysis. You will also learn how to use Cortana Intelligence in your solutions. 

Finally, we will end the course with designing and implementing end-to-end solution by working with different case studies. 

Our goal is to teach you how to design and implement Big Data solutions in Microsoft Azure cloud environment. 

This course is intendent for data scientists, data analysts, data professionals, cloud specialists and IT database administrators, IT professionals dealing with Big Data and machine learning solutions who want to start using Azure cloud for data analysis solutions. 

Course agenda:

Module 1: Lambda architecture

      a) Lambda architecture overview 
      b) Azure Linked Services
      c) Datasets
      d) Pipelines
      e) Azure Data Factory

Module 2: Bulk and relational ingest

      a) Data source types
      b) Import of relational data
      c) Bulk imports
      d) PowerShell automation

Module 3. Azure data storage

      a) Blobs, Tables, Files, Ques
      b) Azure SQL
      c) Document DB
      d) Data Lake
      e) Data Warehouse

Module 4: Hadoop ecosystem

      a) Hadoop architecture
      b) HDInsight
      c) NoSQL vs. distributed data platforms
      d) HBase
      e) Hive

Module 5: Data preprocessing and querying

      a) Batch processing of data
      b) Map reduce
      c) Apache Pig/Hive
      d) Apache Tez
      e) Spark

Module 6: Real time analysis

      a) Real time analysis frameworks
      b) Azure Stream
      c) Azure Event Hubs
      d) Storm
      e) Kafka
      f) ASA jobs

Module 7: Machine Learning and Intelligence

      a) Azure ML Studio
      b) Training Experiments
      c) Predictive Analysis
      d) Cortana Intelligence

Module 8: Case study

      a) Working with Big Data
      b) Machine Learning solutions


This course is recommended as preparation for Exam 70-475: Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions

Exam 70-475 is one of the elective exams that counts towards the new certifications: 
MCSE: Data Management and Analytics 

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