PMI CAPM Exam prep course

The CAPM certification offers recognition to people who are interested or are just starting a career in project management. To qualify for the CAPM certification exam you need only a secondary school degree and 23 hours of project management training.

The CAPM certification is a credential that will quickly advance your career in project management. Individuals who do not have project experience but are interested in a career in projects benefits from the CAPM certification because it demonstrates a high professional knowledge in project management.

By participating in our virtual CAPM Exam prep course you will obtain 23 hours of project management education which are approved by the PMI and fulfill the education requirement for the CAPM exam.

Our CAPM prep courses has been used for certification purposes by many people around the world and has a reputation of being the best in its class. By participating in our virtual CAPM Exam prep course you will learn the smartest method available for preparing for the CAPM certification exam.

Learning Objectives:

The course participants will acquire an elevated understanding of PMI’s international recognized project management methodology. This learning will boost their contribution in a real project and accelerate their career advancement. In addition, the students will gain sufficient project management understanding to be confident and focused to pass the CAPM certification exam. Some of the topics lectured in this virtual course are:

  • Be prepared to pass the CAPM exam on the first try.
  • Understand the PMI’s framework for predictive project management.
  • How a project management process is structured and used in a project.
  • Critical processes to include while defining the scope of a project.
  • Implementing risk management processes to mitigate against project failure.
  • Plan and monitor quality management in a project and get customer satisfaction.
  • Elaborate a successful schedule management plan and avoid late delivery.
  • Learn to properly involve all key stakeholders in a project.

Target group:

  • Project Manager.
  • All project team members.
  • Project administrative staff.
  • Management personnel.
  • Project stakeholder and students.
  • Consultants and contractors
  • Anyone who helps bring a project to a completion.

Course Outline:

  • Chapter 1: Tricks of the Trade for Studying for This Exam
  • Chapter 2: Project Management Framework
  • Chapter 3: Project Management Processes
  • Chapter 4: Integration Management
  • Chapter 5: Scope Management
  • Chapter 6: Schedule Management
  • Chapter 7: Cost Management
  • Chapter 8: Quality Management
  • Chapter 9: Resource Management
  • Chapter 10: Communications Management
  • Chapter 11: Risk Management
  • Chapter 12: Procurement Management
  • Chapter 13: Stakeholder Management
  • Chapter 14: Exam Study Tools


    1. Chapter 1: Tricks of the Trade for Studying for This Exam
    2. Chapter 2: Project Management Framework
    3. Chapter 3: Project Management Processes
    4. Chapter 4: Integration Management
    5. Chapter 5: Scope Management
    1. Chapter 6: Schedule Management
    2. Chapter 7: Cost Management
    3. Chapter 8: Quality Management
    4. Chapter 9: Resource Management
    5. Chapter 10: Communications Management
    1.     Chapter 11: Risk Management
    2.      Chapter 12: Procurement Management
    3.      Chapter 13: Stakeholder Management
    4.      Chapter 14: Exam Study Tools
    • Exam Facts

      • Delivery - Web-based
      • Format - Closed-book
      • Proctoring - Web proctored
      • Duration - 180 minutes
      • Numbers of questions – 150 multi-choice questions.
      • There is no official break during the exam, but you can take breaks at the expense of your own exam time.

      Note: To pass the CAPM Exam you will have to score somewhere between 61 and 70 percent of correct questions.

      Exam Prerequisites

      Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent) or anyone that participate in a project. For information about these requirements visit this link:

      Exam Location

      You can take the online proctored CAPM Certification Exams from your home or at one of Prometric’s worldwide testing sites. A participant can schedule the appointment online at using their eligibility number. Please, see the following link for more information:


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