BizTalk Advanced Developer

After three days of lecture and intensive hands-on labs, BizTalk Developer Deep Dive attendees will obtain the skills required to build advanced integration and business process automation solutions using BizTalk Server. The course is delivered in cooperation with iBiz Solutions.


Developers who build and deploy BizTalk integration and business process applications.
IT Professionals who are responsible for planning, developing, deploying, and managing a BizTalk Server environment.


The class is intended for experienced BizTalk developers who have at least one year of hands-on experience developing enterprise-level BizTalk applications. Building on the skills acquired in BizTalk Developer Core, Advanced attendees are guaranteed to be challenged as they use advanced techniques to build complex integration solutions.

Course outline:

Advanced schema topics

  • Create and implement custom simple and complex types in schemas

Advanced mapping topics

  • Call external assemblies using the scripting Functoid
  • Create custom Functoids
  • Design maps that execute custom XSLT

Advanced messaging scenarios

  • Create a messaging solutions that de-batch flat-file and XML interchanges


  • Understand the use of envelope based messages and solutions

Failed messages

  • Impact of suspended messages
  • Deploy issues
  • Versioning
  • Build processes that subscribe to failed messages

Custom Pipeline Components

  • Create, configure and use custom pipeline components
  • Deployment
  • Debug and debug options
  • Perform compression and decompression within a pipeline

Examine the new WCF based adapter framework

  • Examine available WCF Adapters
  • Configure send and receive handlers
  • Learn how to generate metadata
  • Learn how to integrate with a SOAP Services
  • Integrate with SQL Server databases using the WCF-SQL adapter

Securely send and receive data to FTP

  • Options for FTPS and SFTP

Advanced orchestration topics

  • Implement complex orchestration patterns including: external code invocation
  • Build an aggregating orchestration, Convoying
  • Transactions
  • Compensation blocks
  • Exception handling

Partition and version BizTalk assemblies according to best practices

  • Learn how to avoid reference hell in BizTalk

Advanced deployment options

  • Use MSBuild based configuration for advanced deployments
  • Use Powershell to manage and configure your BizTalk environment

Business rules

  • Create, test and deploy business-rule vocabularies and polices

Consume existing SOAP/WCF services using orchestrations Business Activity Monitoring, BAM

  • Enable business process visibility using BAM
  • Create a view using Excel
  • Deploy the View
  • Configure the View
  • Use the View

Comparing Biztalk to Appfabric

  • Learn how your cloud based AppFabric solution can complement your on site BizTalk Server environment

About the instructor: Richard Hallgren 

Richard Hallgren, partner and solutions architect at iBiz Solutions in Sweden, is a very experienced and competent consultant who is heavily specialized in Microsoft-based architecture and development. He has a high expertise in Microsoft products and platforms such as BizTalk, .NET, SQL Server, and also high level of expertise and experience in application and enterprise architecture and related architectures such as SOA, Governance and security. For the past six years he has been working exclusively with large-scale integration solutions based on Microsoft technologies like BizTalk and WCF.