Confluence Advanced

This Atlassian Confluence Advanced Training course develops basic user knowledge of Confluence to produce dynamic pages to an advanced level.


This course is ideal for users familiar with the Essentials of Atlassian confluence who want more understanding of advanced use or shortcuts.

Additionally anyone responsible for management of spaces will benefit.


  • Basic knowledge of Window interfaces
  • Atlassian Confluence Basics
  • Access to a laptop
  • Internet connection

Objectives & Outcomes

By attending this course delegates will begin to understand many of the more advanced features within confluence. 

We’ll kick off your journey to becoming a real power user with shortcuts and markup. you’ll learn to use advanced and custom macros to generate reports with dynamic and meaningful date. 

You’ll learn all about the power of integrating Confluence together with Atlassian JIRA and we’ll introduce you to both application and space administration.

Course outline:

Module 1: Advanced Content Creation

  • Shortcuts
  • Wiki Markup
    • Text Styles
    • Headings
    • Lists
    • Tables
    • Links

Module 2: Advanced Supporting Content

  • User Macros
  • HTML Macros
  • User macros
  • Workflows
  • Page Properties
  • Roadmaps
  • Status

Lab Exercise:

  • Add macros to a page
  • Implement a workflow in your page
  • Create a workflow report with page properties
  • User macros

Module 3 : Notifications and Tasks

  • Email options
  • Confluence Notifications - Advanced
  • Confluence Tasks

Lab Exercise:

  • Review another users work
  • Progress the workflow
  • Complete a task

Module 4: Attachments and File Management

  • Attaching files
    • The Attachments Macro
    • Viewing Attachments
    • Making Presentations
  • Editing Attachments
  • File Versioning
    • File recovery
    • Attachment Storage
    • Attachment Admin
    • Confluence with WebDAV

Lab Exercise:

  • Upload to summary page
  • Use the attachments macro
  • View versioning
  • Add attachment label
  • Search for attachment
  • Optional : configure webdav

Module 5 - Integration to Jira

  • Application links
    • Requirements definition
    • The Jira Macro
    • Creating Jira Issues from Confluence
    • Displaying Jira Data in Confluence
    • Making Jira Gadgets available to Confluence

Lab Exercise:

  • Create a requirements document
  • Populate some stories
  • Create Jira Data
  • Optional – create a status report page

Module 6: Introduction to Administration

  • Users & groups
  • Permissions
    • Space Permissions
    • Trash / Orphaned Pages
    • Look and Feel
    • Templates
    • Audit logs
    • Usage statistics

Lab Exercise: 

1. Part 1

  • Create a user
  • Create a group
  • Add the user to a group
  • Grant the group permissions

2. Part 2

  • Restore a deleted page
  • Create a template
  • Configure personal space
    • Look and feel
    • Sidebar

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