Gratis SQL seminar: SQL Server Table partitioning – DOs and DON’Ts

Dealing with billion rows tables in SQL Server is not easy, resolving performance issues when working with them either. But table partitioning, just the same as indexing, is not a silver bullet. There are a few important things we need to consider before choosing a partitioning strategy. In this demo-rich session we will start with those key points.

We will understand what the partitioning main purpose is and how it helps for better data management and maintenance. And when we can get improvement in the performance. Shall we divide our Datawarehouse fact table or a 50GB table in an operational database in partitions or we could just create an index to improve query response time? Those are just some of the questions we will find answers by attending this session.

About Magi Naumova

Margarita Naumova is a very well-known SQL Expert. Magi holds the highest possible SQL Server Technical Certification in the field – Microsoft Certified Master, making her one of the best SQL Server Experts Worldwide. Magi is also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP (Most Valueable Professional). She has more than 10 years of SQL Server and BI technologies consulting and training experience and is a trusted advisor for many large companies in SQL Server Platform Area.

Currently she works as a Managing Partner and Chief SQL Architect of Inspir-it AS, her own newly established Consulting Company here in Norway. Margarita is a regular speaker at the largest IT events, SQLBits, SQL Saturday in Europe.

Read more about Magi at  Microsoft MVP website

About this seminar

Speaker: Magi Naumova

Level: 300

Date/time: Monday 17 June, 17.00-19.00

Location: Glasspaper AS, Brynsveien 12, 0667 Oslo


This seminar is suitable for Database Administrators and Developers