Puppet, Foreman and Katello - let machines perform server administration

This course is intended for IT administrators of Linux systems who want to automate the management and development of its infrastructure using open source software. During two days, participants will receive an overview of the possible use of tools Puppet, Foreman and Katello, what each of these tools offer, and learn to work with them.

Besides theoretical explanations and practical examples there will be discussed best practices that we have gathered during the installation of these tools in the real IT infrastructure. Participants will work themselves into a live installation Katello, try to write their own Puppet modules and apply them to the testing server.


The course is intended for IT administrators who plan to deploy or perform any of the tools Puppet, Foreman, Katello and want them to learn to work or extend their knowledge.


  • Experience with RHEL or CentOS systems administration
  • Experience with scripting and programming is a plus but not a prerequisite

Course goals:

  • Understand how Puppet works and learn to write basic modules
  • Understand the network OS installation and boot using PXE boot
  • Create templates for automated installation of new systems RHEL and CentOS (Kickstart)
  • Know how to exploit the full potential of management packages and patches via Katello Content Views
  • Know to decide which tool is suitable for your infrastructure
  • Learn best practices

Course content:

1. Introduction

  • Architecture of Puppet / Foreman / Katello tools; history, present and future
  • Comparison of these three tools and practical examples using the real IT infrastructure
  • The issue of configuration management

2. Installation and training environments Katello

  • Katello installation demonstration
  • Instroduction to a web interface
  • Initial Configuration

3. Content management

  • Managing Activation Keys
  • Subscription Management
  • Synchronizing repositories
  • Content Views
  • Content Management demonstration in Infrastructure Reference

4. Deployment Systems

  • Prerequisites (PXE, TFTP, DHCP, DNS, ...)
  • Explanation and demonstration Kickstart scripts
  • Discovery System and connected to virtualization
  • Sample Application Provisioning feature in the reference infrastructure

5. Configuration management

  • Introduction prerequisites
  • Puppet integration interface Katello/Foreman
  • Installation and working with modules from Puppet Labs
  • Example of use Puppet in reference infrastructure

6. Creating your own Puppet modules

  • Introduction to the Puppet language
  • Creation of a simple module for application server admnistration
  • Parameterization of the module
  • Modules from Puppet Labs

7. Final evaluation and discussion

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