Oracle Database Cloud for DBAs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

This is a great starting point to learn everything you need to know about user-managed Oracle Database Cloud Service. It's ideal for DBAs and Data Management Professionals who want to learn how to deploy and administer an Oracle Database in the cloud.

Oracle Database Cloud Service offers autonomous and user-managed Oracle Database solutions. User-managed solutions are Bare Metal, Virtual Machine, and Exadata DB systems that you can customize with the resources and settings that meet your needs.

This training is your first step in getting started with Virtual Machine and Bare Metal DB Systems. You also get to learn the essential skills required for a DBA to create and manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources such as network and storage.

This course is ideal for DBAs and Data Management Professionals who are looking to enhance their cloud database administration skills. Taking this hands-on training will prepare DBAs for Cloud DBA certification exams.

Learn To:

  • Describe Oracle Cloud Platform for Database in the Cloud
  • Understand key terms such as Regions, Availability Domains, VCN, Shapes
  • Identify the features of Virtual Machine (VM) DB Systems
  • Identify the features of Bare Metal (BM) DB Systems
  • Create Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) for DB System
  • Describe the steps involved in creating and managing VM & BM DB Systems
  • Connect to a DB System on OCI
  • Update, Configure, and Patch DB Systems
  • Monitor a Database on OCI
  • Backup and Recover a Database on OCI
  • Identify OCI Security Features
  • Identify the process involved in migrating a database to OCI


  • Database Administrator, Administrator, Cloud Administrator


It sould be useful for students attending this training to have the following prerequisites:

  • Experience with earlier versions of Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database: Administration Workshop

Course objectives:

  • Describe what Oracle Cloud Platform has to offer for database deployments in the cloud
  • Identify the building blocks of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Describe the essentials of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Get familiar with OCI terminology such as tenant, region, availability domain, shapes
  • Describe the steps involved in launching Bare Metal and Virtual Machine DB Systems
  • Create and manage a Virtual Machine (VM) DB System
  • Describe the administrative tasks involved in managing a VM DB System
  • Explain how security in implemented in each layer of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Describe what you can do to secure your DB system
  • Get an overview of migrating database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Read the official course description here.

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