JSM Essentials (Server)

This Clearvision Atlassian Jira Service Desk Essential training course provides an understanding of the features and functionality of Service Desk for Jira.

At the end of this course, users will be able to carry out administrative tasks and comprehend key concepts for JIRA Service Desk. 

The lab environment (an instance of JIRA with JIRA Service Desk) gives users a practical working area to engage with. This enables them to benefit from seeing JIRA Service Desk in action with real world settings and examples, translating the theory from the course into practical knowledge. 


This course is ideal for those users who are new to JIRA Service Desk, or those with no previous experience with JIRA. 


  • Basic knowledge of Windows Interfaces
  • No experience with JIRA necessary

Module 1: JIRA Key Concepts 
1. Introduction to JIRA

  • Issues
  • Requests
  • Projects
  • Workflows

Lab Exercises

  • Access the training environment
  • Sign up as a customer
  • Sign up as a collaborator
  • Sign up as an agent

Module 2: The Customer View

  • Report Overview
  • Creating New Reports
  • Editing Reports

Lab Exercises

  • Navigate the customer portal
  • Sign up for a service desk
  • Open a request
  • View request status
  • Add an attachment

Module 3: The Agent View

  • The Agent View
  • Service Desk Queues
  • Overview
  • Ticket Activities
  • Raise requests on behalf of a customer
  • Ticket Appearance
  • Ticket Participants
  • Workflow and Status
  • Reporting

Lab Exercises

  • Using the service desk queues
  • View your own assigned tickets
  • Respond to a request
  • Action a request
  • View request status
  • View your performance

Module 4: The JIRA View

  • Business Projects
  • Software Projects
  • Viewing Issues
  • Editing Issues
  • Attachments

Lab Exercises

  • Creating an Issue
  • Adding Attachments
  • Editing Issues

Module 5: Collaboration

  • Commenting on Issues
  • Sharing Issues
  • Mentions
  • Voting
  • Watching
  • Loging work
  • Labels
  • Clone/Move

Lab Exercises

  • Place an internal comment on an issue
  • Mention another user
  • Watch an issue

Module 6: Searching and Reporting

  • Searching
  • Advanced Searching
  • Filters
  • SLAs
  • Service Desk Reports
  • JIRA Reports

Lab Exercises 
Free form lab – facilitator demos requests and students can then try for themselves 

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