Git Administration

This course will take your Git knowledge to the next level. It fuses a deeper look into how Git really works with a range of carefully selected practical techniques and advice on best practices. Youll come out of it with a better understanding of Git, a firmer sense of how to solve problems and create workflows, and a bunch more tools in your version control arsenal.


You have already taken our Introduction to Git course, or feel that you have a good grasp of all of the things that it covers. You want to take your knowledge of Git to the next level.

Course outline:

  • Yo, DAG

    • A DAG refresher
    • Blobs, trees, and commits
    • Why SHA-1s and not version numbers
    • Specifying revisions and commit ranges
    • Viewing old revisions of files
    • The index, revisited
    • Atomic commits
    • Valuing the version history

    Branches, shoots, and leaves

    • Creating, moving between and deleting branches
    • HEAD and detached HEAD mode
    • Working with remotes
    • Remote branches and refspecs
    • Tags, lightweight and annotated
    • Tags and remotes
    • Tags and branches under the hood
    • The describe command

    All your rebase...

    • A merging refresher
    • pull = fetch + merge
    • The undesirability of merge commits
    • Rewriting history
    • The push/rebase tension
    • cherry-picking commits
    • Interactive rebasing

    Wrappers and graphical tools: a quick overview

    • GitHub
    • Gists
    • Gerrit
    • gitk
    • Git Extensions
    • GitX
  • Working with commits and changes

    • Patches
    • Stashing
    • The reflog
    • Recovering from mistakes
    • Searching the commit history efficiently
    • git-bisect


    Working with branches

    • Types of branches
    • Merging strategies
    • Upstream/downstream relationships
    • In-house patches of upstream code
    • Different team workflows



    • The hooks directory
    • The why and how of git hooks
    • Some useful scenarios with hooks


    Good to know

    • The reset command demystified
    • Common problems and their solutions
    • Git shortcomings

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