FREE TRAINING - DO101: Introduction to OpenShift Applications

A developer-focused introduction to OpenShift application building, deployment, scaling and troubleshooting.

Special promotion - free training until 30 June

This course "Introduction to OpenShift® Applications (DO101)" is offerred at no cost until June 30, 2020. This self-paced course gives you 30 days of unlimited access to the HD videos taught by our most experienced Red Hat instructors and our text-based course content. Additionally, you will receive 10 hours of hands-on lab time to help you build skills on real-world use cases.


Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform is a containerized application platform that allows enterprises to accelerate and streamline application development, delivery, and deployment on-premise or in the cloud. As OpenShift and Kubernetes continue to become widely adopted, developers are increasingly required to understand how to develop, build, and deploy applications with a containerized application platform. While some developers are interested in managing the underlying infrastructure, most developers want to focus on developing applications and using OpenShift for its simple building, deployment, and scaling capabilities.


This course is a low prerequisite on-ramp for OpenShift development, designed for developers with experience in application development and object-oriented programming. Using your own device, this one-day course will teach you how to deploy and update applications in an OpenShift 4 cluster and use the OpenShift 4 web console to build, deploy, troubleshoot, and scale applications.

Course content

Manage application source code with Git
Develop applications with VSCode
Deploy an application to OpenShift
Update an application
Configure application secrets
Scale an application
Troubleshooting and fixing an application

Course outline

Configure a Cloud Application Developer Environment
Configure a developer environment with a modern integrated developer environment and version control.

Deploy Applications to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
Deploy an application to OpenShift.

Configure Application builds in OpenShift
Manage application builds in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Scale Applications in OpenShift
Scale and test an application with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Troubleshoot Applications in OpenShift
Identify and resolve common problems in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Technology requirements

This course is a bring-your-own-device training.
You must be able to install software onto your device.
Internet access is required.




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