DNAPF: Cisco DNA Programmability Fundamentals

This Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Programmability introductory course will help you become familiar with the SDN concepts, programmability, and integration that support Cisco and multi-vendor solutions to help usher customers into the new age of Software Defined Networks.


Individuals involved in the implementation and planning of a software defined Cisco Digital Network Architecture


Basic understanding of Enterprise Networking

Course objectives

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Describe SDN and Network Programmability
  • Understand the Use Cases and Problems Solved with SDN
  • Understand the Digital Transformation and Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA)
  • Explain an Overview of OpenFlow and Network Controllers
  • Explain an Overview of Human Interaction DevOps-Style
  • Understand Next Steps to Get Customers Ready

Course content

Module 1: Programmable Infrastructure Overview
Module 2: Cisco's Digital Network Architecture (DNA)
Module 3: Cisco Programmable Infrastructure
Module 4: REST APIs and Python
Module 5: Spark API
Module 6: Cisco Mobility Experience (CMX) APIs
Module 7: APIC-EM and Rest APIs
Module 9: Implementing DevOps


Lab 1: Python Introduction - Creating a List of Users
Lab 2: Spark REST ACI - Create a Room and Invite People - PostMan
Lab 3: Spark API - Wi-Fi Public and Guest Access - Python
Lab 4: CMX - Find the IP Address of the WLC
Lab 5: APIC-EM - Find out the Device Name using the IP Address
Lab 6: NETCONF - Create a Python Script to retrieve Interface Stats with NETCONF/YANG and Post to Spark
Lab 7: NeXt UI Tool Kit - Building a Network Topology
Lab 8: Spark and Tropo - Bring together Labs 2 and 5 to create Trouble Ticket Automation

Other relevant courses

12. July
5 days
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19. April
5 days
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