Developing in Vue/React/Svelte/Angular Webinar

Developing front-end web development doesn’t come without its own challenges. Angular, React, Vue and Svelte are the most popular libraries/frameworks to overcome these challenges. Most of their solutions are surprisingly similar and sometimes unique.

In this webinar we´ll discuss problems like (and solutions for) dealing with large code bases, synchronising data and user interface, handling forms, passing data between components, etc.

Every framework’s philosophies and unique benefits will be covered as well. Which framework might be the best choice for your application?

This webinar will last 2 hours, and you can attend by choosing our date. After signing up, you´ll get a link to follow the webinar live with Rick Beerendonk. Curious to learn more?

Rick Beerendonk - instructor of the course

Rick is a senior consultant and trainer from The Netherlands. He has over 20 years of professional experience while working in small, large and fast growing organisations. His passion is simplicity, well-written code and team dynamics. He is specialised in front-end technologies and speaks regularly about these topics at international events. Rick have teached and talked about React since 2014.

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