Atlassian JIRA Core Administration Training

At the end of the course, users will understand how JIRA can be tailored to meet their specific project and process needs.

This Atlassian JIRA Core Administration training course provides an understanding of the various ways that Atlassian JIRA can be tailored to meet specific custom project and process requirements. 


This course is designed for new JIRA Application Administrators, those with the responsibility to define projects and configurations.


  • Basic knowledge of Windows interfaces
  • Atlassian JIRA Core Basics

Course outline:

Module 1: JIRA Concepts Overview

  • Introduction
  • Summary of Users and Groups
  • Projects
  • Project Roles
  • Schemes
  • Audit logs

Module 2: Users, Groups and Access

  • Users and the User browser
  • Privacy
  • Groups and the Group Browser
  • Project Roles
  • Permissions & Access Control

Module 3: The Simpler Schemes

  • Issue Type Schemes
  • Notification Schemes
  • Events

Module 4: Fields

  • Priorities and Resolutions
  • Custom Fields
  • New options in custom fields
  • Field Configuration Schemes
  • Field Configurations
  • Re-Indexing & Index Recovery

Module 5: Screens

  • Create Custom Fields
  • Define a context
  • Create a Field Configuration
  • Make use of a Field Configuration Scheme

Module 6: Workflows

  • The visual workflow designer
  • Planning workflows
  • The Status Attribute
  • Transitions
  • Workflow Triggers
  • Creating a workflow
  • Creating a workflow scheme

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