Atlassian Confluence Basic Training

This Atlassian Confluence Basics Training course explains how WIKI products in general, and Confluence in particular, help organisations to collaborate.

Users will benefit from understanding the commands and customisation options available to a typical user. The course materials draw extensively from practical scenarios in which Confluence can be used. 


  • Basic knowledge of Windows/Internet Browser interfaces
  • No previous Atlassian Confluence experience is required

Course outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Wikis

  • What is a Wiki?
  • Important Wiki features (The Good & Bad)
  • How to approach a Wiki
  • A brief introduction to Atlassian Confluence

Lab Exercise: Introduction to Wikis and Confluence

  • Thinking through WIKI Usage Scenarios (Team exercise)

Module 2: Confluence Layout and Navigation

  • The Confluence interface; The Dashboard, Login & Sign Up
  • Confluence structure
  • Permissions overview; Global, Space
  • Menus; The Browse menu, The People directory, The User menu, The Search menu and searching

Lab Exercise: Confluence Layout and Navigation:

  • Public Sign up and Login
  • Searching and Browsing for items related to a proposed workshop

Module 3: Creating Page Content

  • Create pages
  • Edit pages using the Text Editor
  • Change page layouts
  • Create a Table
  • Add Images & Attachments
  • Create a Template

Lab Exercise: Creating Page Content

  • Using a template to create a workshop presentation page
  • Creating additional content related to the proposal

Module 4: Supporting Pages

  • Making Comments
  • Labels
  • Attachments
  • Page Locations & Restrictions
  • Browse menu basics

Lab Exercise: Supporting Pages

  • Labelling pages
  • Working with attachments
  • Moving pages

Module 5: Simple Confluence Macros

  • Introduction to Macros
  • Text Formatting Macros
  • HTML Macro
  • Space Macros

Lab Exercise: Simple Confluence Macros

  • Exploring the colour, quote, code and panel macros
  • Exploring more macros

Module 6: Collaboration

  • Watches
  • Favourites
  • Drafts
  • Following Users
  • Sharing a page & @mentions
  • Likes
  • Dashboards - Network & Popular Content
  • Page Information & History
  • Notifications

Lab Exercise: Collaboration

  • Setting up Favourites
  • Sharing a page and using @mentions
  • Following a user and liking a page
  • Using your network
  • Viewing Page Information
  • Blogging your experiences

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12. February
1 days
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