Atlassian Confluence Advanced Training

This Atlassian Confluence Advanced Training course develops basic user knowledge of Confluence to produce dynamic pages to an advanced level.

The course also looks in-depth at specific tasks that will help users understand and utilize other advanced Confluence features. 


  • Basic knowledge of Windows interfaces
  • Atlassian Confluence Basics

Course outline:

Module 1: Advanced Content Creation

  • Shortcuts
  • Wiki Markup; Text Styles, Headings, Lists, Tables, Links

Module 2: Advanced Macros

  • Macros
  • Widgets & External Content
  • Advanced Images & Visuals
  • User Macros

Lab Exercise: Advanced Confluence Macros

  • Creating a page with embedded macros.
  • Macro errors.
  • The blog-posts, gallery and tasklist macros.

Module 3 : Notifications and Tasks

  • Email options
  • Confluence Notifications - Advanced
  • Confluence Tasks; Creating Tasks, The Tasklist Macro, Using Tasks

Lab Exercise: Notifications

  • Turn off the confluence recommends email
  • Notify a user
  • Create a task; The task list, From a notification, In a confluence page, Complete a task
  • Complete a task

Module 4: Attachments and File Management

  • Attaching files; The Attachments Macro
  • Viewing Attachments
  • Editing Attachments
  • File Versioning

Lab Exercise: Attachments

  • Versioning Attachments
  • Use the Attachments Macro
  • Change Attachment Settings

Module 5 - Basic Administration

  • Users & groups
  • Permissions
  • Add-Ons; Installing & Updating Add-Ons, Managing Add-Ons
  • Common Add-Ons; Atlassian Add-Ons, Balsamiq, Gliffy, Zen

Lab Exercise: Add-Ons

  • Exploring the Add-On Manager
  • Enabling & Using Add-Ons
  • Creating Users & Groups

Module 6: Space Admin & Personal Spaces

  • Importing and Exporting Spaces
  • Removing Spaces
  • Space Permissions
  • Personal Spaces

Lab Exercise: Advanced Space Usage

  • Creating a Personal Space
  • Assigning Personal Space Permissions

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