Analyzing the 5G Core for Telenor

Building on the foundation of 5G System Engineering, this course provides a detailed examination of the 5G Core Network. Key emphasis is placed on the Service Based network architecture, as well as the main network procedures that occur during a mobile’s typical interactivity with the 5G network. Analysis of the 5G Registration, PDU Session establishment, PDU Session usage, Policy Control, Mobility and Interworking will be provided as part of this process. In conclusion, the course will cover the key aspects of voice services across the 5G core, including discussion on EPS Fallback and VoNR.

This course is delivered by Mpirical


This training is for Telenor employees only, and is part of the 5G Advanced connectivity training package.


Before attending this class, students should have completed these two courses in the Mpirical OnlineAnytime portal:

  • Introduction to 5G
  • 5G System Engineering

Date & hours

This course will be held over 4 days. Delegates may choose between two alternative dates.
Note! There is a limited number of seats on each date.

  • 24 - 27 August
  • 31 August - 3 September


  • The course will run from 08.00 am to 1.30 pm (Central European Summer Time) all training days.


To enrol, tick the preferred start date in August and Go To Registration.
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Virtual class in English

This course is delivered as Live Online, using Zoom virtual classroom technology to facilitate remote learning. 
The courseware is delivered electronicly via Mpirical Learning Zone.

The instructor is English speaking, and all coursematerial is also in English.

Course outline

Section 1 - 5GC Service Based Architecture

  • Key elements of the 5GC SBA
  • 5G Service Based Interfaces
  • Applying rest to the 5G SBA
  • Exploring the role of the Network Repository Function.

Section 2 - 5G Registration Procedure

  • Detailed exploration of the end to end Registration procedure
  • Step by step message analysis
  • Includes focus on Deregistration

Section 3 - Security in the 5GC

  • End to end analysis of 5G Security
  • Key focus on 5G AKA
  • Trust models

Section 4 - QoS, Policy and Charging

  • Supporting QoS across the 5GS
  • Policy control concepts
  • Charging control for 5G

Section 5 - 5G PDU Sessions

  • PDU Session types
  • Analysis of the creation, modification and deletion of PDU Sessions
  • Focus on the use of QoS Flows

Section 6 - 5GC Mobility and Roaming

  • Registration Update Detailed Analysis
  • Handover Procedure analysis
  • Relocation Procedures
  • 5G Roaming Considerations

Section 7 - Interworking with the EPC

  • Exploration of EPC interworking
  • N26 and non-N26 based procedures

Section 8 - Interworking with Wi-Fi

  • Exploration of Wi-Fi interworking
  • Role and responsibilities of the N3IWF
  • Mobility Management states for Wi-Fi
  • EAP-AKA for 5G

Section 9 - Delivering Voice Service

  • IMS and 5G Concepts
  • IMS Architecture
  • SIP Basics
  • IMS Registration and Session Establishment
  • VoNR concepts and analysis
  • EPS Fallback mechanisms for voice services