UX Certification? Yes - No?

There are a lot of UX certifications out there. At the event you'll e-meet Rolf Molich, one of the creators of the UXQB certification. Buckle up for an interesting and informative discussion.

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The presentation will provide frank answers to questions like

  •  “What is UX – and why is UX training required?”
  •  "What is UX certification – and what is it not?"
  •  "Is UX certification worthwhile for me?"
  •  “Are UX Certifications a shortcut from taking a degree?”
  •  “Is the industry acknowledging these certifications?”
  •  “How does UX Certification compare to mentoring?”

Tune in for Rolf Molich, who will share his point of view, followed by a discussion where you can ask questions. Rolf is the vice-president of the UXQB, which offers UX certifications, but Rolf has promised a frank and unbiased view of UX certifications.


Rolf will start by presenting examples of what you learn in a UX certification training, and what the certification process is like. Then he will continue to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of UX certification. He will also present examples of certification questions and a checklist that you can use to make sure you select a quality training and certification program that meets YOUR needs.


  • Presentation of Glasspaper
  • Presentation of the CPUX-F Foundation level UX training and UX certification by Rolf
  • Your comments and questions

Date and time: 

Wednesday April 7th 2021
09:00 - 10:00


60 minutes




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