"Vi hjelper deg å nå dine kompetansemål i 2018"

NIC 2018 incl Pre-Conference with Sami Laiho (3 days)

Kursavgift: kr 12 900 | Varighet: 3 dager | pris ex mva


This 3 day ticket includes:

Pre-Conference with Sami Laiho 31 January:
"How to block WannaCrypt, Locky and any other ransomware."

The past few years can easily be called the era of ransomware. Many different file encrypting malwares have infected hundreds of thousands of machines and demanded Bitcoins in return for maybe getting the files back.
This ransomware is a bit difficult to block in some cases as we can’t block the users from altering their own data but with Windows 7 and even better with Windows 10 we can build an effective protection by applying multiple different security techniques to our operating system.
In this session one of the world’s leading Windows Security experts, Sami Laiho, will guide you through how to protect your computers against these modern threats. This session will give solutions for different Windows versions ranging from Windows 7 Pro that doesn’t have AppLocker to the brand new Windows 10 Enterprise 1709 that has the newest features like successor of EMET called “Exploit Guard”.

Standard NIC Conference 1-2 February"
Access to full access to all sessions, refreshments, expo and other social activities for the NIC Conference on Thursday 1 February and Friday 2 February.

Check NIC official home page info for agenda and sessions: www.nicconf.com

What can you expect from NIC Future Edition?

  • High academic level
  • The newest technology
  • Global speakers and experts
  • Q&A sessions
  • NEW tracks covering technology from Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, VMware, Citrix & others


The NIC standard ticket gives you full access to all sessions on all tracks:

  • Server & Client:
    Server & Client operating systems are updated with new functionality and security features more often than ever. This track ensures you will have the knowledge what to do today and plan for tomorrow.
  • Cloud Platform
    Learn about capabilities and power of the different Clouds, now and what’s yet to come. Development and investments from software vendors are heavily Cloud-based, giving continuous new functionality as well as simplicity and sometimes complexity. Attending this track will give the skills to pilot in the skies.
  • Management & Automation
    Clouds and on-prem environments needs control and consistency. In the motion from task based automation to Infrastructure as code there are new tools and methodologies to adopt. Learn from the best how this can be achieved through management and automation!
  • Security
    One dedicated track to the Security-topic that will cover everything from Cloud-security and device-security to hacker attacks and how to prevent them.
  • Cloud Productivity and Analytics
    Are you using your productivity software optimally? Be maximum effective within your organization as well as when collaborating with others outside. Learn how to use Analytics to get Business Insights from Big Data and Machine Learning.
  • CxO - Future Now
    What are the trends? What is important and what are the solutions to present and future challenges? GDPR will be enforceable within a year, learn how to achieve and report compliance.

Check NIC official home page info: www.nicconf.com
Glasspaper is a as always partner at NIC and you will meet us at our stand in the expo area!

Practical information

NIC takes place at Oslo Spektrum, Sonja Henies Plass 2, Oslo.

The conference days will start at 09.00 am.
On Thursday the Conference is followed by mingle, entertainment and the famous NIC party.

Price and invoice :
You will be invoiced by Glasspaper when you book your ticket on our website.
Please note that the price for this 3 day ticket is NOK 12 900 + MVA

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