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Mastering Windows 10 Deployments

Kursavgift: kr 25 000 | Varighet: 4 dager


Windows 10 has quickly picking up speed as a rapidly deployed solid operating system, and we are proud to announce a brand new training focusing on deploying and upgrading Windows 10 using MDT and ConfigMgr. In addition you learn about the new setup and deployment features, changes in the Windows ADK 10 and more.

In this training you learn to build and customize rock solid deployment solutions using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and ConfigMgr (SCCM) Current Branch. You also get a thorough walk-trough of current technical previews, as well as deep technical drilldown to changes in the Windows 10 platform.

Instruktør på kurset: Johan Arwidmark

Johan is a Microsoft MVP and one of the worlds foremost expert in the OS deployment sector, developed this lab. Like all our labs, this is unique in that you access the best deployment specialists for four days. Time is set off for real life deployment issues where the instructor discuss and solve problems that you bring to the training. As always we have lunch, where the discussions continue. It is almost like free consultancy!
You can connect with Johan on Twitter @jarwidmark and on LinkedIn

Target Group:

  • IT Pro


Basic understanding of Active Directory, WSUS and SQL. Basic knowledge of MDT, WDS or Configuration Manager 2007/2012 is helpful but not a requirement.



This class will take you through the design, installation and configuration of the main features in Windows 10, MDT and ConfigMgr Current Branch. After the training you will have a solid understanding off the product and be able to use and design these features according to best practices.

During these four days you will learn about:
  • Build Windows 10 reference images, including customizations, and image factory solutions
  • Setup ConfigMgr Peer Cache, BranchCache and BITS to reduce network impact of Windows 10
  • Setup a Lab Environment for Windows 10 Deployments with MDT and ConfigMgr
  • Work with the Enterprise enhancements to Windows 10
  • Windows ADK 10 internals, USMT and Provisioning Packages
  • Changes to Windows 10 Updates and Offline Servicing
  • Updates to Windows 10 PowerShell
  • Master Windows 10 driver handling
  • Deploying Windows 10 with MDT and ConfigMgr Current Branch
  • In-place upgrade of Windows 7 / 8.1 to Windows 10, including deep-dive troubleshooting
  • Applying feature updates to Windows 10
  • Extend OS deployment in ConfigMgr Current Branch
  • Develop and use PowerShell scripts, frontends, databases and web services.
  • Configuring offline media deployments
  • Advanced troubleshooting of MDT and ConfigMgr Current Branch
  • Technical drilldown to the latest ConfigMgr Technical Previews.
  • Bending the rules, understanding and customizing the rules (customsettings.ini)

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