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Web authors are collectively coming to the same conclusion: the Web is becoming less inert HTML+CSS, and more dynamic JavaScript with the feeling of a desktop application. Interaction is more and more becoming the norm. Some roll their own solutions, or build on top of existing libraries. Others seek the comfort, scalability, and experience of a web application framework.

There are lots of web application frameworks out there, but Angular stands out from the crowd. Google-powered, open-sourced, and brimming with powerful mechanisms to turn your website into a web application. This course takes you through how and why.

Want a even more extensive Angular course? Please have a look at our 4 day course: Agile Web Development using AngularJS


People who want to learn web application development with a JavaScript framework.


A background in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

About Eric Lavesson - instructor of the course:
Eric is an analytical and quality aware consultant with passion for programming and web administration. He has long experience of for instance PHP programming and web application administration. Furthermore, he has experience and knowledge of MySQL databases and application development in .NET/C#. Eric has strong pedagogical skills with experience in teaching more than just IT such as mathematics, physics and computer engineering.


Day 1

What is Angular?
  • Live demo
  • Impedance mismatch: Document-centric HTML vs web applications
  • The need for structure: a proper component approach
  • Data binding
  • An HTML compiler
  • Angulars testing story
  • HTML++
  • Two-way data binding
  • Angular expressions: full of mustaches
  • Dirty checking
  • ng-click
  • ng-show and ng-hide
  • ng-repeat
  • ng-template
  • Transforming values
  • i18n and l10n
  • Testing filters
  • Angular extends, and you can, too!
  • Directive normalization
  • Directives and HTML validators
  • ng-app
  • ng-controller
  • ng-restrict, ng-replace, and ng-transclude
  • MVC
  • Scopes: the things your expressions happen in
  • Some live action with Batarang
  • Scope life cycle
  • Dependency injection
  • The Angular bootstrap
  • ng-init

Day 2

  • A place to put your data
  • ng-model
  • Models and views
  • ng-select and ng-options
  • Testing your model
  • Form validation
  • ng-valid, ng-invalid
  • ng-pristine, ng-dirty
  • Custom form validation
  • Custom form controls
  • How they work
  • Directives that do animation
  • View-independent business logic
  • Injecting services into controllers
  • Implicit dependency injection
  • Service dependencies
  • The $location service
  • Testing your services
End-to-end testing
  • Protractor
The future
  • ?...of Angular
  • ?...of HTML
  • ?...of web applications

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