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Professional Scrum Developer .NET

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The Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) course is a 3-day course that teaches Great software development using Scrum requires the seamless integration of Requirements Engineering, design, development testing, integration, and deployment within a single iteration. A well-functioning team, software development best practices, proper tools and good understanding of Agile software development are key factors for success in Such environments.

Professional Scrum Developer is the only courseavailable That Teaches how this is done.


This course is suitable for any member of a Development Team, including architects, programmers, database developers, testers, and others with some technical knowledge. (See prerequisites below.)

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and other stakeholders are welcome to attend this class as long as they keep in mind thatthis is a technical course and involves programming in pairs.

About Jesper Fernström - the instructor of the course
Jesper works as a Team Foundation Server expert and with agile processes at Solidify in Stockholm, Sweden. His focus is to help teams and organizations to utilize tools and methods to improve their application lifecycle management process. Jesper has extensive experience within application lifecycle management. He has worked as both developer (.Net) and project leader in small projects as well as large government projects. Today his main area of expertise is project management and reporting with TFS. Having experienced waterfall, chaos and agile projects and working with different tools Jesper started promoting the combination of Scrum and TFS for .Net projects long before Scrum.org was started. When the chance to become a PSD .NET trainer came it was a perfect fit for Jesper.


Please note That the Participants are required to bring Their own laptop with:


What will a developer learn from this course?

The short answer: a repeatable process for turning a Product Backlog item into somethingthat is donated and Potentially shippable. You will learn how to do this using tools (Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server), Scrum, and Agile software engineering practices.

What will the individual and the team learn from this course?

Individuals will learn how to form themeselves into a self-organizing, cross-functional development team to developping an increment of software. They willalso Learn how to optimize Their individual skills, self-manage Their own work During a Sprint, and resolve conflicts more effectively, in order to better operate as a team. Teams will work on a common project in a parallel development environment.

In this course, a Development Team will learn how to self-organize and turn Product Backlog items into a donated product Increment using Scrum, proper tooling, and contemporary software development practices.

Course Outline


This three days course Participants expects to have basic understanding of Scrum, So THAT focus can be on

  • Run Several complete sprints
  • Practice planning with Sprint planning meetings
  • Keep Product Backlog in good shape with continuous refinement / grooming
  • Focus on delivering value from the Daily Scrum
  • Inspect, adaptation and improvement with Effective retrospectives
  • Learn how Definition of Done impacts your software development process
Software Engineering Practices

During the three days, a lot of materials from the Professional Scrum Developer Objective Domain ice covered, including:

  • Track progression with burndown charts
  • Apply Test-Driven Development and a test-first approach
  • Continuous Integration (and possibly Delivery and Deployment)
  • Pair programming
  • User stories and acceptance criteria
  • Estimation techniques, including planning poker
  • Refactoring, Clean Code and code smells


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