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Advanced AngularJS

Kursavgift: kr 13 900 | Varighet: 2 dag


You and your team already uses Angular. And you like it. But now its time to take the next step. Maybe you find yourself wanting to structure your application better. Or youre wondering whether you can improve performance in certain places. Are you perchance interested in learning more about directives, or how to prepare for the upcoming Angular 2.0? Either way, this course has something for you. It starts where the introductory Angular course ends, and keeps drilling down into the essentials of the framework, its community, and its best practices.

    About the instructor: Carl Mäsak
    Carl has extensive experience in software development and software architecture, both in active use, blogging, and teaching. He uses a variety of programming languages daily. Carl has worked in the software industry for the last 15 years. His experience spans over a wide range of paradigms and platforms, and he has developed everything from custom web site design and bioinformatics toolkits to grammar engines and compilers. His specialty is to make systems coordinate and systematize large amounts of heterogeneous data - or, more casual, "bringing order out of chaos." He also likes to heal major systems that are in need of an architect.


Angular developers. People who want to extend their Angular knowledge.


People need to have taken the first Angular course before embarking on this one. This is a strict requirement; this is not an introductory course.


Day 1
  • Watchers and data binding
  • Modularity
  • Performance
  • Tooling
  • Testing components
  • Refactoring and technical debt
Day 2
  • Directives, a closer look
  • More about services and events
  • REST
  • Security
  • Trying out some Angular 2.0

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