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Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Essentials

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This Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Essentials training teaches essential concepts associated with Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), one product of the Oracle Identity Governance Suite for 11g R2 PS3. Discover the importance, benefits, terminology, and functional aspects of Identity Management.

Learn To:
  • Create, load, and manage organizations, roles, and users, including dynamic organizations and parametric roles.
  • Incorporate Role Lifecycle Management, role consolidation, and role analytics into role management workflows.
  • Import and use predefined OIM connectors and create draft versions of user profiles and requests.
  • Use requests to automate the provisioning of users.
  • Reconcile user data between OIM, and trusted and non-trusted external resources.
  • Manage OIM security and self-service capabilities through admin roles.
  • Access OIM reports using Oracle BI Publisher.
  • Configure and perform certification activities to review periodically the access granted to users.
  • Build identity audit (IDA) workflows that OIM uses to detect segregation of duties violations.
  • Migrate an OIM configuration and customization from test to production environments.
  • Customize the OIM web-based UI.


Administrators, Business Analysts, End Users, Functional Implementers, Process Developers, Sales Consultants, Support Engineers, Technical Administrators.

Practical information

Our Oracle courses is conducted at the following hours:
  • Monday to Friday: 09.00 – 16.00
Our Oracle courses will take place at Glasspaper`s course center at Crayon in Nydalen:
Adress: Crayon, Sandakerveien 114A, 0402 Oslo.

Course material
We use official Oracle material in our Oracle trainings. This include eKit (electronic documentation) and Lab environment from Oracle University.


Required Prerequisites:
  • A general comprehension of Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database.
  • A high-level understanding of SOA, BPEL and JDeveloper
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials
Suggested Prerequisites:
  • A general comprehension of LDAP concepts
  • A good familiarity with a Linux-based environment


Course Objectives
  • The four solutions-based, functional areas of Oracle Identity Management: Access Management, Identity Governance, Directory Services, and Mobile Security
  • The role that OIM plays in both Identity Governance and Oracle Identity Management
  • The tiers of the OIM architecture
  • How to launch OIM and use the new Identity Self Service Console
  • How to create and manage organizations, roles, and users
  • How to use the Bulk Load Utility to load users, roles, and role assignments into OIM
  • How to incorporate Role Lifecycle Management, role analytics, and role consolidation into role management workflows
  • How to customize and save searches
  • How to provision users to resources through request-level and operation-level approval workflows
  • How to provision users to disconnected resources
  • How to manage security and self-service capabilities in OIM through admin roles
  • How to access operational, historical, exception, and entitlement reports in OIM using Oracle BI Publisher
  • How to configure and perform certification activities to review periodically the access granted to users
  • How to build identity audit (IDA) workflows that OIM uses to detect segregation of duties violations
  • How to migrate an OIM configuration and customization from test to production environments
  • How to customize the OIM web-based UI
Benefits to You
Youll develop the knowledge and skills to secure your organizations critical applications and sensitive data to lower operational costs. Learn how to manage the entire user identity life cycle across all enterprise resources.

Create & Manage Roles & Users
Learn how three new PS3 features, Role Lifecycle Management, Role Consolidation, and Role Analytics, fit seamlessly into role management workflows. Explore predefined connectors in the OIM Connector Pack, ways to transfer connectors from one environment to another, and two tools used to import and export connectors: Manage Connector and Deployment Manager.

Implement Provisioning & Reconciliation Workflows
Implement provisioning workflows to create user accounts in external resources-manually and automatically. Youll then deploy these approval workflows as SOA composites to use them as part of a request. Then, explore two new features of requests: the request access catalog and the request cart. See how authoritative and account reconciliation is used to identify new or modified user accounts on trusted sources or target resources and transfer this information into OIM.

Develop Security Expertise
Youll learn about admin roles, examine types of admin roles available in OIM, and see how by managing these roles, you can perform authorization and authentication in OIM. Youll also become familiar with self-service capabilities, while seeing the role policies and rules play in restricting a user’s self-service capabilities in OIM.

Explore Certification and Auditing
Next, youll develop the skills to use certification to review user access privileges and entitlements to ensure users do not have unauthorized privileges. Youll configure certification workflows so reviewers can certify (approve) or revoke (reject) privileges. Youll then explore the new Identity Audit (IDA) module for PS3, including how to use IDA to detect segregation of duties violations in OIM.

Dive into Web GUI Customization
Finally, taking this course will help you understand how to customize the Web-based UI of OIM. Youll learn how to change the console logo, add a link that redirects the user to a certain URL, and provide custom, descriptive information for entitlements associated with an application instance. Entitlement descriptions help requesters, approvers, and certifiers better understand the functionality associated with the entitlements so you can choose which entitlements to include in the request cart.

Read complete course description:
Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Essentials

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